Once a Time a Time, I Was Quoted in a Book

As I finish another crochet item – a very pretty shawl – this evening, I have yarn both around my fingers and on my mind. I  am reminded of something I wrote in a Twitter chat, circa 2010. Lest you think that I consider my every tweet pure gold and therefore retain a memory of every comment I make, I assure you there’s a reason that this particular tweet sticks in my mind.

The Twitter chat consisted of a group of small business owners discussing the topic of combining several, often disparate, passions to create your own unique niche in the marketplace. My comment was exactly this (I actually found it on my Twitter page): 

“I think of it as a tangle of yarn & if I just pull the right one in the right direction, it will all straighten out & be cohesive.”

One of the participants in the chat was Becky McCray, an entrepreneur from Oklahoma who specialized in bringing social media to small, rural, businesses. She was in the process of co-writing a book and thought my comment was particularly illustrative. She officially asked me if she could quote me in her book, and I enthusiastically answered in the affirmative. (If you ever want to look up her book, Small Town Rules: How Big Brands and Small Businesses Can Prosper in a Connected Economy, by Barry J. Moltz, Becky McCray, my words of wisdom appear on page 55 of that publication.)

Cooper demonstrates the challenges presented from tangled yarn

Cooper demonstrates the challenges presented from tangled yarn


I’m now revisiting the metaphor I wrote in a literal sense. Yarn has indeed returned to my life in a very real and significant way. Crochet is one of my eclectic interests and abilities, along with writing, editing, cooking… that occupy the hours of my life. Yarn represents a new voice to the choir of my creative endeavors, while considerably complicating my metaphor. Just when I thought things were making sense…

Broadening my thoughts about my quote leads me to conclude that it really applies to so much of life. It’s a tangle of so many and various elements. The challenge is to find a way to make sense of it and glean some meaning. Elements come and go in that “tangle of yarn” that is my life and my career. Given time and patience, it all – eventually – gets straightened out and, if I’m lucky, cohesive.

It’s nice to be heard. Nicer yet to be quoted in print. I hope I’m ultimately as clever in real life as I once was on Twitter.

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