Did You Bring Enough for Everyone?

I appreciate this boiled-down perspective of the residents of planet Earth so much! When we look at the world at large, it’s big, mysterious, confusing and often scary. So much is foreign to us as Americans; so much that’s unfamiliar to that which we’re accustomed. This planet, however, is all about diversity – and being aware of that diversity without judgement – is a way to avoid becoming the very ethnocentric hypocrites we purport to detest. When we consider a digestible look at the world’s population like this video shows, it demonstrates just how enabled and empowered we are as Americans. It’s what we do with our good fortune that reveals our true colors.

Let’s bring it down to basics…What would you teach a child who has lots of candy? Keep it all to themselves – or share it with others? Happy classmates are more often friends than foes, right? Why are the rules different for our neighbors on this planet? If, indeed, the world is so messed up that simple kindness and altruism doesn’t apply to “grownups,” why do we bother teaching it to children? Just to have their hearts broken when they learn how the world “really” works as adults? As I’ve said so often in the past – we’re often our own worst enemies when it comes to interpersonal relations.

You can chalk the world’s challenges up to human nature or some other darker, dimmer view of people – or you can accept that but for sheer luck of the draw, you could be among those oppressed, underprivileged and suffering from birth. Recognize that with privilege and fortune comes not only power – but CHOICE – which translates to the power to enact change and improvements in the human condition. America and other first world nations: we have so much to share – stop grabbing and start giving. We’re (supposedly) not animals. Not everyone on Earth has the luxury of thinking and acting beyond their own circumstances; let’s regain our better, higher selves to serve something more important than our own creature comforts.

The better the world condition is, the better for all. Am I right or am I right?

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  1. Sharon Blitstein says:

    You are definitely right. It is unfortunate we live in a me, me society but some of us have tried to change things and teach our children the joy of giving, sharing and caring. Too bad so many others have no idea!

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