Playa del Carmen: A Retrospective – Day 3

Memories of 8/9/16 – Tuesday was a low-key day at the resort. Another lovely breakfast buffet where the choices never ceased to end, followed by a bit more exploring. Now that we had our bearings, we became aware of opportunities to participate in some off-site activities. Once we heard of a day trip to the Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá, we needed hear no more! We booked our adventure for the next day, which also included a visit to Cenote Ik kil. My, how our Spanish language knowledge was growing already! We were thrilled for the unexpected opportunity to experience both an amazing, historic cultural wonder, and a natural one!

We found a beautifully decorated scallop shell towel sculpture upon stopping back at our room in the early afternoon. We spent a little time on our private balcony, enjoying the peace, the nothing-to-do-ness and happy sounds of our fellow vacationers milling about below.

That evening, we enjoyed a feast at the resort’s Brazilian restaurant. It included course after course of foods cooked on skewers and served at the table. The amount and variety of foods offered was absolutely overwhelming: Several cuts of beef, sausage, chicken, shrimp… A beautiful array of vegetables and, lest I forget, bucket o’salad. And a chimichurri I could have just drunk right out of the bowl!

Stuffed and relaxed, we wobbled outside to the strains of the evening’s entertainment. We found an empty table at a fair distance away, ordered up a couple (more) margaritas and enjoyed the lively music and dancing.

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