Playa del Carmen: A Retrospective

It was our distinct pleasure and privilege to be treated to a family vacation last year to Playa del Carmen, Mexico by my wonderful and generous mother-in-law, Sharon. I haven’t shared many photos from that thrill-of-a-lifetime adventure, but this week, on the one year anniversary, I plan to remedy that. Each day, August 7-14, I’ll share our photos and memories of what we were up to south of the border on the corresponding day in 2016.

I hope you’ll enjoy going along with us on our retrospective.

Memories of August 7, 2016 – Up SO very early; to the airport in style with Sharon and the nieces and nephews; a lovely flight. On the ground: HOT (as is to be expected in August in Mexico); a cool and comfortable shuttle to the resort; being awestruck from the moment I stepped off the bus at this tropical paradise; a refreshing little shot of fruity water served to us as we checked in. A little language issue when asking an employee to help us find our room number leading to an impromptu detour; setting foot in that amazing room that awaited us!

Our settling-in night was low key: Acquainting ourselves with our room, our air conditioning (how loooowwww can it go?), our view and the contents of our mini bar. A quick drink in the buffet restaurant which was already closing for the evening; a trek to the resort’s Mexican restaurant for a light dinner; a leisurely stroll back to our room for some TV, including CSI: Miami in Spanish; learning that there’s a Mexican version of the Trivago guy and that the Spanish word for “selfie stick” is, indeed, “selfie stick.” Great sleep, despite unfamiliar surroundings, different bed and pillow. Buenas noches!

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