Embracing My Inner Storyteller – At Long Last

“The shortest distance between truth and a human being is a story.” ~ Anthony de Mello

Beginning this year, I’ve vowed to shorten the distance between myself and others by telling more of my stories here on Once a Time a Time. I constantly have an myriad of insights, observations, memories and, yes, stories rolling around in my mind, longing to be expressed. Yet I always seem to find reasons to avoid actually doing the writing: I’m too busy with my day job; too stressed; too distracted… But at this point in time, I’m stepping up and committing to myself to become the writer I really, truly am. To have this talent to write and fail to utilize it to a greater degree is unfair to myself and to those who may benefit from or at least enjoy what I have to offer.

I’ve always found it a natural mental exercise to put my feelings into written words – whether the result is funny or profound. Lately I can’t escape the feeling that life is giving me an abundance of subjects to ponder deeply. In fact, I’m reminded of these clever lyrics; maybe these recent hardships will inspire some words of wisdom of my own…

To life! (L’chaim!)
from Fiddler on the Roof

Our great men have written words of
Wisdom to be used
When hardship must be faced;
Life obliges us with hardship
So the words of wisdom
shouldn’t go to waste.

Besides, this fortune from May 3, 2017 encouraged me to go for it…

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  1. kelly says:

    Fir me, the issue of writing is twofold: I have to physically sit down to do it every day; and I have to ignore the everpresent urge to make whatever I write perfect. Just do it.

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