The Power of the Purge

A week ago Sunday evening I began “THE PURGE in our basement!” ENOUGH of a lower level that looks like a hoarder lives there. ENOUGH of piles of “stuff” that should be somewhere else but instead is just down there because it can be. ENOUGH of storing items that could be of use to someone else. ENOUGH of avoiding the actual filing of things that are important to keep track of! ENOUGH of it all!

Photo by Gary Chan on Unsplash

I’m glad it was recycling week because there was so much stuff I don’t even know why we still had. Paid bills, random correspondence, stacks of meaningless/no longer relevant paper… the shredder’s gonna be VERY busy in days/weeks to come… And the other things… craft supplies, seasonal decor, packaging/wrapping items, sentimental stuff, displaced household items… It’s all been collecting down there for years. Years that have seen water pipe breaks, sewer backups, appliance replacement; all of which have caused these stored items to be displaced/rearranged – often not in an orderly manner.

A couple weeks ago, I would have been content to have left that mess continue to be, untouched and wholly unnoticed. That night, for whatever reason, I became keenly aware that I was overwhelmed by how things got “set aside” for so long and that they had become a monstrous weight upon my psyche. It was time to set about slaying the beast. So I dug in.

In light of our current life situation, this comes as no real surprise. Priorities are shifting before my eyes. These days, my mind is restless – searching desperately for distractions, things to do that transport me from the scary, uncertain reality in which we’re living. The purge is providing me with an escape. It’s turning into a spiritually fulfilling activity for me; something I can control, at a time when so little is under my control. It’s something with which I can make progress and measure my accomplishment – at a time when other, more dear, issues are enigmatic and wholly out of my control. At least in this part of my life, my will shall be done.

I hope I complete the purge before I look like this…
Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

So I sort. And organize. And toss. And assess my attachment. And get real about what is really important… in my home and in my life…

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