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How the Past Two Years Have Prepared Me to More Calmly Cope With COVAD-19 (Part I)

(The short version…our life’s been like this for us for over two years – falling headlong from one frightening personal disaster to the next.)  This is the first installment of several chronicling the most difficult two years of our life. … Continue reading

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My Survivor Story

I wrote this reflection for my original blog, Upside Down Cats, on September 27. 2007.  I feel a  strong urge to re-post it here on the current incarnation of my blog in the hopes that it reaches the attention of … Continue reading

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The Magical Mystery of Musical Memory

Listening to Sirius Radio is a special treat for us nowadays. Once Scott and I became work-at-homers, it was an expense we couldn’t justify so we cancelled our subscription. On Monday, Scott and I took a 40-mile-each-way road trip with … Continue reading

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From Housedress to Heroine: The Evolution of the Mature Woman

I adored my grandmother, and she adored me. In my youngest years, she was as much a mother to me as my mom, who needed to return to a full-time job once I started school. Grandma Bessie lived with us; … Continue reading

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I Dream of Houses

I’m rather a fan of the way my mind works; in waking hours and sleeping hours alike. Awake (especially in the shower for some reason) I’ve been known to be an introspective, profound, problem-solving whiz. I bring a raw intelligence, … Continue reading

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